Past Community Workshops

chandra friend 

DO YOUR PROJECT! was a 6-week community workshop led by writer and instructor Chandra Friend. I had the pleasure taking part in the classes and working on “the thing” as she called it.

the thing pic

The class was a perfect mix of structure and openness. We came in and checked-in about how we’d done, in terms of writing, since we last met. Then we would either break into our smaller groups to share and give feedback, or write. The order changed according to our collective mood, from week to week. Chandra interspersed the class with nuggets of writing wisdom, from the philosophical to the emotional, to funny asides and writing exercises. The workshop was open enough to include all sorts of projects. We had people working on blog-based projects, chapbooks, doing work towards their novels, one person who developed a short collection of flash stories that linked together during the six weeks and another who worked on a short story. The subjects and genres also varied, including everything from creative non-fiction to erotica to sci-fi. Chandra was quite skilled at looping all of us together and holding all the variety that was present. After all, she teaches teenagers.

do your project pic


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