Guiding Principles

LIMINAL was born of an awareness of a need for more spaces dedicated to the exploration and promotion of feminist artists and creativity.

LIMINAL is the manifestation of such a space. Theory Made Actual.

LIMINAL exists as a space for feminist and womanist writers to converse, collaborate, and showcase their craft. It serves as a platform for writers to gainfully profit from their craft through workshops and events.

LIMINAL is an incubator of the entrepreneurial and creative projects of feminist and womanist writers and creators. 

LIMINAL is an inclusive space.

Any and all races, classes, genders, sexualities, and identities are invited to be a part of LIMINAL. We embrace the concept articulated in Rebecca Walker’s “Third Wave” Feminism of “integrat(ing) an ideology of equality and …empowerment.” LIMINAL is a place where unchecked privilege, shaming, othering or putdowns in any form are not welcome.

LIMINAL is an economically inclusive space. Our Inclusive Membership is free for anyone who makes 25K or less per year.


liminal mission pg 2 for real2nd page principles2nd page of mission and principles


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