Liminal Advising Panel

Photo on 7-8-14 at 9.58 PM #3

Gina Goldblatt is the founder of LIMINAL and “From All Points But the Center.” She writes fiction that wants to be poetry. She has her MFA from Mills College, a BA in Literature from Suny Purchase in New York and currently works as a Writing & Learning Specialist at University of California in Berkeley. Her first novel, Screaming Against the Night is STILL in the works. However, her chapbook, “All Small Carcasses” will be out in February 2015 from The Gorilla Press. You can find out more about her approach to writing and previous publications on her website.


Liz Green is a writer, performer, and educator based in Oakland, California. As a performance poet, she has featured at slams, special showcases and workshops in middle schools, high schools, colleges and open mics across the country. She was on two national slam teams: San Francisco in 2004 and Berkeley in 2005. As a playwright and writer/performer, she has had her work produced at multiple local and national theater festivals. She received her BA from Vassar College and her MFA from Mills College in Creative Writing. She was a 2010 Lambda Literary Foundation Emerging Voices Fellow in Fiction.  She attended the Tin House Writers’ Workshop in 2012 and was a Catwalk Artist in Residence in 2013. Liz is a long-time advocate of radical, critical pedagogy and was lucky enough to work with Augusto Boal on several occasions. She integrates his legacy and the work of Paulo Freire into her college English curriculum. She teaches English, Writing, and Literature at San Francisco Art Institute and De Anza College. You can read more about her and check out some of her work at

brenda art party flyer

Since her earliest memory, Brenda Usher-Carpino has been drawn to the craft of writing as a form of expression, interpersonal communication, and creativity. From a letter to her father at age nine when he left his family in Texas to seek better circumstances in California, and her first haiku poem as a college freshman, Brenda has gone on to write poetry, short and long stories, and several dramatic plays. She has a creative nonfiction typescript in progress titled STRANGE NOSTALGIA/Memoir in a Prism. Brenda has produced two staged readings of her first play, Blood Types, one in 2003 and the other in 2009. She is currently working on a project to create an operatic version of the play. She is also collaborating with Gina Goldblatt on a performative piece where they compare and contrasts their lives. Brenda is also currently writing her first screenplay. Her works, by force of nature – African American and lesbian – express a ‘gynocentric’ view of the world. The global plight of women, oftentimes shocking and horrific even in this 21st century, is a cause that fuels her outrage over the social injustices that plague humanity. In addition to her blog, Third Chapter Blossoms, on her website,, her primary blog can be found at She also blogs for books at Brenda holds a PhD in French from Stanford University and a MFA in English and Creative writing from Mills College.

kelechi art party pic

Kelechi Ubozoh is a singer, writer, mental health advocate, and survivor of trauma. She was the first student reporter to have an Op-Ed piece published in The New York Times. The Brooklyn native’s first spark of interest for the the mental health field ignited after spending six months interviewing the New York homeless families for her undergraduate thesis. Kelechi shares her story of reclaiming her sexual health to inspire healing and conversation and presented at last year’s Empowering Women of Color Conference.  When Kelechi isn’t exploring Oakland treasures, she’s singing in karaoke bars under the alias Vegas Cherry.


Jennifer Herrington

Jenee Darden

Joie Rey Cohen


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