March at LIMINAL


Welcome to March!

Photography by Stephen Texeira

Photography by Stephen Texeira


  • We have started to book workshops and events for April and May

all points EM WOLFMAN 1

  • For the month of MARCH, we will be open 2 half-days a week for co-working hours starting on Friday the 13th!

Fridays 11-3PM
Tuesdays 1 to 6 PM

* You must RSVP to participate* email

There will be Wi-Fi, cats and comfy seating options!

And the best part is, it is FREE!

Come check out the space, bring friends, meet new friends, and work on your writing at LIMINAL!

Photography by Stephen Texiera

Photography by Stephen Texiera

  • Join us for our first PROMOTIONAL PARTY on March 28th. Let’s get organized and promote each other’s writing and creative work.


Membership applies to those who want to teach at LIMINAL. Essentially, Membership means that you can rent space at LIMINAL to teach your workshops for 1\4th of the amount that the space rents for to non-members.

How to obtain a membership:

1.Email and set up a meeting to discuss your plans, pedagogy, passions and goals and what role you see LIMINAL playing in them.

2. Pay a membership deposit.

3. Sign a contract.

4. Start teaching!

Another Thank YOU!

Co-working Kitties

Co-working Kitties

The Pre-Opening Showcase and Fundraiser was beautiful and amazing! Thank you to everyone who came, performed, supported, helped out, shared yourself with us, shared us with yourself… it was even better than I could have imagined!

Though I pre-spent much of the money made at the event on pillows, carpeting, printed materials and stocking the bar, we did break even, which is great! Thank you to everyone who helped in that venture!


We will be doing it again! The goal for this show is to raise enough money to get a PA system of our own! The next showcase is set for April. It will be either the 18th or the 25th. Please send an email to with links to your work to be considered to perform. We are looking for writers of all types, musicians, performers, mixed media, collaborations…all sorts of feminist showcase-able living art. Also looking for vendors with food, drinks, books, hand made goodies— please inquire!

-The event will go from 4 to 10.

-Reading slots will start at 5 PM and go until 8.

-Readers & Performers will get 10 minutes each.

-There will be ten-minute breaks at 50 minutes after each hour. (have writing exercises\audience participation here)

Please be available both days in order to submit.

I will also need volunteers to help with the bar, the door and cleanup because I proved to myself last time that despite my best efforts, I cannot be door-woman, bartender, organizer and host.


February was also an exciting month for me because my chapbook, “All Small Carcasses” came out from The Gorilla Press. Do you also have a chapbook? I would love to trade you a copy of my chapbook for a copy of yours!

I am looking forward to collaborating with you and making LIMINAL into an inhabited space!



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