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ELEVATE: A LIMINAL CAMPAIGN to Aid  Feminist & Womanist Literary and Narrative Artists

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From Left to Right: Liminal Advisory Board Member & Author Kelechi Ubozoh, Local Poet, Activist and Feminist Nellie Wong, and Founder of Liminal, Gina Goldblatt

Support LIMINAL in our quest to continue to promote and support feminist and womanist literary and narrative artists! In our second year, we have gained temporary fiscal sponsorship and will be applying for a long term partnership with our umbrella organization. Despite having no start up money, we are offering more workshop options every season, remain committed to an inclusive model by continuing our sliding scale pricing and the reservation of two spots in each workshop for those who cannot pay. We have increased events and regular programming, launching a monthly brunch potluck and free writing workshop. We just launched coworking hours, memberships and our first group of writers-in-residence. As we familiarize ourself with the grant-writing and application processes and apply for long-term fiscal sponsorship, we need a bit of support.  Founder, Gina Goldblatt, has the gracious support of many friends, writers and community members, through the Advisory Board, Work-Study Writers-in-Residence Program, and Workshop Instructors, who believe in the space.  The recent loss of full-time employment has allowed her to be more available to grow LIMINAL, but without the means to fund it until other sources are secured.

In this second year, we will be doing more community outreach, with a focus on elevating the status of performing artists of literary and narrative work in the view of society, as hard-working and talented individuals who should be paid for their work. LIMINAL is a platform for such artists, an incubator space for growth, community, creativity and collaboration, aimed at helping artists making art for a living a sustainable option.

The targeted amount is the budget for one year. We believe that feminist and womanist spaces are essential for healing, not only of the direct individuals and communities these terms apply to, but in the larger sense of working to “elevate” our consciousness around the oftentimes unhealthy gender roles we get stuck in and often suffer from. Your support helps not only LIMINAL to exist, but it helps any and all individuals and groups who are doing similar working to build on the existence of each other and the growing awareness of the importance of such spaces.

Please consider donating to support us in this transitional time.

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